Why did us lose the vietnam

This depends on your approach to studying the Vietnam War.

Essay writing: Why did the US lose the Vietnam war?

In that time, the US dropped 1 million Why did us lose the vietnam of bombs on Vietnam. Inthe Strategic Hamlet programme was introduced. You enter a war with a clear goal in mind. And as a middle class develops, there is growing demand for democracy as well.

We did… not lose it. Giap now avoids conventional warfare and instead wages hit and run attacks followed by a retreat into the dense jungles. The North Vietnamese believed that victory could be theirs, if they stayed their course.

The peasants were motivated by fear as well as a sense of gratitude. Giap immediately begins massing Viet Minh troops and artillery in the area, sensing the potential for a decisive blow against the French. In order to make bombing runs, we had to contact a war planner back in the States to get permission to make a bombing run.

Why were Vietnam veterans disliked after the Vietnam war? Protesting became rife and the public voice became hard for the government to ignore. July 8, - Two U. You enter a war with a clear goal in mind.

This resolution authorised the President to take all necessary measures against Vietnam and the National Liberation Front. Because the aid cutoff happened in the midst of Watergate, the scandal is sometimes blamed for the defeat in Vietnam.

North Vietnam had indeed signed a peace agreement with the United States to leave South Vietnam and maintain a demilitarized zone, much as had been done in Korea.

Although Kennedy denied it at the time, American soldiers were becoming increasingly involved in the fighting in Vietnam.

Vietnam War

Without supplys, the guerrilla armies in the south would have had a MUCH harder time actually getting anything done. It is Diem, however, who predicts "another more deadly war" will erupt over the future of Vietnam.

In my late 50's I started to feel a little hurt about it. November - Peasant unrest in North Vietnam resulting from oppressive land reforms is put down by Communist force with more than killed or deported.

Chinese Nationalists will move in and disarm the Japanese north of the parallel while the British will move in and do the same in the south. General Westmoreland, the person in charge of the military advisers in Vietnam, argued that his 23, men were unable to defend adequately the US air bases and claimed that without more soldiers, the NLF would take over control of South Vietnam.

As a consequence of McCarthyism, no U. As he wrote later: France proceeds to withdraw completely from Vietnam, ending a bitter eight year struggle against the Viet Minh in whichsoldiers and civilians from all sides had perished.

But in MarchCongressional leaders told Nixon that they would not support further US military involvement even if the communist side resumed its aggression. He therefore gave permission for a plan to be put into operation that he surmised would eventually enable him to carry out the bombing raids on North Vietnam.

This view was shared by President Dwight Eisenhower. How could we have won? As far as the Vietcong being a skilled fighting force that is a crock. Right away any chance that we could preempt the Soviets in shaping Vietnam went out the window.

Peace treaties for Vietnam were signed in and By the time the battle was ready to start, Giap had 70, soldiers surrounding Dien Bien Phu, five times the number of French troops enclosed within. US policymakers felt that if the US pulled out of Vietnam, Moscow would shift its resources to another conflict.

America's foreign policy was to stop the spread of Communism, not do be rid of it. Ho and his Communist successors could have swallowed their nationalistic pride, and simply waited for the inevitable, peaceful reunification of the two countries, without 20 years of war and death, just as West and East Germany were reunited in Once we sent in advisors and upped the ante, the Soviets were willing to up it further, and we couldn't see it.

The cost of the war had so far been twice what they had received from the United States under the Marshall Plan; 3 The war had lasted seven years and there was still no sign of an outright French victory; 4 A growing number of people in France had reached the conclusion that their country did not have any moral justification for being in Vietnam.Vietnam has always been a land of war and strife and it was only getting worse by the time the United States forces had arrived.

It started when the French had to give up the land to Japan due to France’s defeat by the Germans in Jul 06,  · Best Answer: The US did not "lose" the war, they withdrew. The US military won most of the battles because of superior "fire power" and control of the air.

Most of the answers blaming the "Media" do not know what really happened during the 21 years of the war (May to December ).Status: Resolved. Why Did the U.S. Lose the Vietnam War? By Quora Contributor.

Nov 16, AM. Tweet; Had the United States continued to prop up South Vietnamese government with military forces, it is. To say the US lost the Vietnam War would be like saying the Soviet Union won the Vietnam War instead of saying North Vietnam won the Vietnam War.

It was not our war to win or lose. The USA soon found themselves losing their battle against stopping the spread of communism in Vietnam. Viet Cong and Guerrilla Tactics.

The Viet Cong were well supplied with weapons and equipment from China and the USSR, but heavily outnumbered and outgunned by. See why did the Untied States get involved in Vietnam.

3 The war lost public support As many US soldiers died, the war lost public support in the US and was heavily criticized by many people.

Why did us lose the vietnam
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